is de genealogische pagina voor de familienamen vanderfeesten en van der feest. Het maakt gebruik van een genealogisch systeem dat ontworpen is als plugin voor het content management systeem e107. u kunt beide genealogieën bekijken en aanverwante informatie vinden in de verschillende onderdelen van het hoofdmenu.
2006.02.18 Update to version 0.1.1 comments: 0
A new version of The Genealogy Project has been released; version 0.1.1
If you're running v0.1 you can download the update from v0.1 to v0.1.1 package, if you haven't yet installed the Genealogy Project, you can simply download the v0.1.1 package. All packages are available from the download area.
2006.02.17 re-packaged The Genealogy Project comments: 0
The first package contained a few errors. Some empty folders where not added into the package while they should have been. I've re-packaged the Genealogy Project. If you already downloaded the initial package, please redownload the package again from this site, since those empty folders are needed ! Download the package from [link]
2006.02.16 Genealogy Project officially released ! comments: 0
Finally i've been able to release the first version of the Genealogy Project. The Genealogy Project is a php/mysql application to manage and view genealogies. A few things need to be said on this initial release: First of all, i've released it as version 0.1. It should work just fine, but if you still encouter bugs or problems, please use the bugtracker on this site to post these bugs. Secondly, i've set up some documentation on the project and it's use. You can find all documentation using the links below.

Genealogy Project version 0.1 (initial release)
by Eric Vanderfeesten, 2004-2006
For more information about the Genealogy Project please see
* home of the Genealogy Project
* documentation of the Genealogy Project
* support forums of the Genealogy Project
* some examples of the Genealogy Project
* bug reports on the Genealogy Project

2006.01.29 upgraded stats pages comments: 0
The stats pages (available from the link above) have been upgraded intensively. Instead of the traditional bars, a new and graphical version has been made. This upgraded stats page is not yet available for public, but will be in some time. All graphics are generated using php's build-in image functionality.
2006.01.06 genealogy plugin almost there ! comments: 1
over the last couple of months, the genealogy plugin has been developed with some extra functionalities and everything is almost ready to be released ! within the next few weeks or so i will post a message on the release of the genealogy plugin. Further, this site has been updated to the very latest cvs release of e107 and the very latest version of the genealogy plugin files.
2005.09.15 general upgrade comments: 0
This site has been updated to use the very latest of the content management system e107, and specifically for this site the genealogy plugin. Both are still in development, so be patient since everything will be updated on a more regular basis.
make sure to check out the genealogy plugin through the link in the main navigator !
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