is de genealogische pagina voor de familienamen vanderfeesten en van der feest. Het maakt gebruik van een genealogisch systeem dat ontworpen is als plugin voor het content management systeem e107. u kunt beide genealogieën bekijken en aanverwante informatie vinden in de verschillende onderdelen van het hoofdmenu.
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The options under the intro section give you control over the 'About genealogy 'myname' page' in the frontend area under the options navigation element. You can specify if certain information should or should not be shown on that page.

show link to add to favorites ?
no description available

show file info ?
If enabled it will show the original filename you have used to import the data from. This file name will only be shown if you have imported an existing gedcom genealogy file into the Genealogy Project. If enabled, it will also show the edit date of the current genealogy. The editdate will be shown regardless of if you imported or created a new genealogy.

show source info ?
The source information will show all source related data of the current genealogy.

show gedcom info ?
The gedcom information will show some basic information about the data in your genealogy. Although you can provide some of these fields if you manually created a new genealogy, most of the fields however are based data from an existing imported gedcom genealogy file.

show gedcom admin info ?
The admin information shows information about the administrator who created the genealogy. If enabled and present it will show the name, address, email and phone number of the administrator.
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