is de genealogische pagina voor de familienamen vanderfeesten en van der feest. Het maakt gebruik van een genealogisch systeem dat ontworpen is als plugin voor het content management systeem e107. u kunt beide genealogieën bekijken en aanverwante informatie vinden in de verschillende onderdelen van het hoofdmenu.
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create content
The create content page allows you to either create or edit an existing content item. To edit an existing content item you will first need to select one from the 'manage content' page, as explained in the previous doc.

Each content item consists of the following fields:

You must select an appropriate content category from the list of all content categories. The category is a required field.

If the content item or image you're about to add has a specific date which would be important to know about, you can supply that date here.
If you do not enter any details in the day, month and year field, no date will be specified for this content item.

Here you can enter the name for the content item. The heading is a required field.

In the content field you can provide more information about the content item, this can be anything between a few lines of text and complete articles.

The upload field allows you to upload your own content image to be used in this content item.
By clicking on the 'browse' button, you are able to select an image of your local harddrive. If you have done this, you must click the 'upload' button. In doing so, the selected image from your harddrive will be uploaded to the Genealogy Project. You will see a message if the upload succeeded or failed. If you have succesfully uploaded an image, you are able to select and assign that image in the next field, called 'choose image'.

choose image
In the choose image field, you will see a text box and a button called 'view images'. By clicking the button you will see all images that are present to assign to this content item.
To assign an image, click on the image. You will see the name of the image be added into the text box.

The linkage field allows you to 'link' this content item to specific individuals and/or families. You can select 'males', 'females' and 'families'. If you link this content item to certain individuals and/or families, not only will the content item be visible in the content area in the frontend of the Genealogy Project, but also on the individuals' or families' page.
manage contentoptions
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