is de genealogische pagina voor de familienamen vanderfeesten en van der feest. Het maakt gebruik van een genealogisch systeem dat ontworpen is als plugin voor het content management systeem e107. u kunt beide genealogieën bekijken en aanverwante informatie vinden in de verschillende onderdelen van het hoofdmenu.
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import GEDCOM
The import feature in the Genealogy Project allows you to import genealogies in GEDCOM format (.ged extension) that you already have on file.

upload gedcom file
If you plan on importing your existing genealogy in GEDCOM format from file into the Genealogy Project you will need to make sure the .ged extension is allowed as a filetype to be uploaded.

* browse to your e107_admin/filetypes.php file
* download that, and edit it.
* add the '.ged' extension to the file, and save it
* reupload the changed file to the same folder on your webserver.

Once you've done this, you will be able to upload gedcom extensions to your webspace through the genealogy plugin.

Before you go on and upload and import the gedcom file, one more thing needs to be checked. Please open the gedcom file in any text editor. Then choose 'Save As' to save the file again, but look for the character encoding field in the save as window. There should be an option to save the file as utf-8. If so, please save your gedcom file using the utf-8 file encoding. this will assure that accented characters are properly imported.

In the import area of the Genealogy Project admin pages you will see the 'upload gedcom file' area. With the 'browse' button you can search and select your GEDCOM file from your harddisk. After you have selected the file, you can press the 'upload' button. When you click the button, the gedcom file will be uploaded to the Genealogy Project filesystem on your webserver.

start new genealogy
The next step is to 'start' the Genealogy. In the select field you can select your gedcom file which you've just uploaded. After you have selected the file from the menu, click the 'start genealogy' button. This will parse the gedcom file for the basic information about your genealogy and insert that data into the Genealogy Projects database.

insert indi records
After you have 'started' the genealogy, you can continue to insert all the individuals data (indi records). Again, just select your gedcom file, and click the 'create indi list' button. That will read the gedcom file and insert all individuals data into the Genealogy Project.

insert fam records
After you have inserted the indi records in the genealogy, you can continue to insert all the family data (fam records). Again, just select your gedcom file, and click the 'create fam list' button. That will read the gedcom file and insert all family data into the Genealogy Project.

analyse gedcom file
The analyse gedcom file option does not insert any data and is an optional feature which is not required for the Genealogy Project to work. Instead it will read the gedcom file and count the number of individuals and families that are present. This is a useful check to see if all records are inserted properly.
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