is de genealogische pagina voor de familienamen vanderfeesten en van der feest. Het maakt gebruik van een genealogisch systeem dat ontworpen is als plugin voor het content management systeem e107. u kunt beide genealogieën bekijken en aanverwante informatie vinden in de verschillende onderdelen van het hoofdmenu.
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can i be a translator
If you speak a language for which the Genealogy Project currently hasn't got translated language files, and you would like to translate these, that would be very much appreciated !
* Please download a package
* Browse to the 'genealogy/languages/' folder
* Copy the 'English' folder, rename it in the language you would like to translate it.
* Open all language php files in the folder and translate all defines in the files.
* Create a zip file for the whole folder you've just translated and contact me with the details.

Everyone who has contributed in any way will be mentioned in the Genealogy Project.
can i help out in the Genealogy Project
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